Dick Flaherty LICSW

​Salisbury Psychological

Will we ever be able to figure out who is more at fault?  Stop wasting time!

Let go and get to work!  30+ years specializing in couples counseling.

        Group Therapy

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Group / Individual counseling

Repetitive Relationship problems

Loss / Grieving / Situational depression

Anger / Anxiety / Assertiveness problems

Marriage counseling/couples counseling

Communication problems

Conflict resolution coaching

Intimacy / sexual problems

Co-parenting especially with blended family marriages



We've been seeing Dick for couples counseling for a little under two years. He helped my husband and I threw a very difficult time in our marriage and gave us some great tools to continue to have a successful marriage.
Jenn  5/5 stars

I learned that wisdom will forever and always be painful and expensive but you can hope with one hand and get busy with the other!
Jonathan  5/5 stars

My experience with Dick Flaherty and his "Marriage Survival Kit" proved to be extremely helpful. I felt he really had a handle on what was happening in our marriage relationship and was able to help us pick the right tools to work with to continue to build a happy and healthy relationship.
Mark  5/5 Stars

 Thankful we found an older therapist with so much experience – calmed my husband – he liked the logical skill based approach – productive – really helped – saved our marriage – Jenn

Dick really helped us understand why we were so stuck in ourselves (our nasty families) and taught us how to schedule and have productive arguments – taking turns – learning how to make room for each other’s differences – when our fights blew up we knew the source and took time-outs – we now can have differences – not in conflict all the time – Scott

We had intimacy problems – Dick put us on a touching program that helped us warm-up without pressure (organic massage oil)– helped us realize that we needed to schedule a date of the week – spontaneous wasn’t working – really increased our foreplay repertoire – our sexual relationship is much more satisfying now - Helene