Marital Survival Kit:

ten things cheaper than a lawyer

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Although I do lots of individual work I’ve been working diligently for the past 30+ yrs with couples – focusing on the phenomenon of coupling (coupling is not a random accident) – OPPOSITES attract and couple – each bring their own strong opposite attitudes to the relationship - conflict is predictable – troubled couples wound each other in the battle of solving conflict (unfortunately not resolving conflict) – often the stronger wins the battles but loses the war – unresolved cumulative conflict is the GRIM REAPER of marriage – I developed the MARITAL SURVIVAL KIT out of necessity in the struggle of helping couples learn to share power, heal, develop skills and avoid those fatal wounds.  REMEMBER – the opposite of shame/humiliation = RAGE (overt or passive aggressive) – so BEWARE and start working now!!


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EXTREME PROBLEMS REQUIRE EXTREME SOLUTIONS AND EXTREME SOLUTIONS OFTEN BECOME EXTREME PROBLEMS.  Counseling or therapy if you will is way to mysterious.  I want you involved in it right from the beginning.  What you bring to the table is your latest best attempt at life – although causing you some big pain/stress it’s your latest best shot – I want you to tell me what your extreme problem was (your significant history) and together we will look at how you adapted - your solution your latest best coping – which is your current struggle – extreme problems require extreme solutions – extreme solutions often become extreme problems – time to take inventory – discard what no longer works and develop more effective coping skills